Layers with photography

Menggunakan lapisan di foto Anda dari ponsel cerdas atau Android adalah salah satu hal terpenting yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk membuat gambar hebat. Lapisan akan terlihat sangat indah , bahkan pemahaman yang paling dasar pun bisa memperbaiki fotografi Anda dengan baik. Kabar baiknya adalah menggunakan lapisan yang sangat mudah, dan sangat cepat. Anda tidak memerlukan Studio untuk mengerjakan karya seni Lapisan ini. Di taman atau kantor, Cafe .. dimanapun anda bisa melakukannya

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Model layer : Pare Dvini

Salsa Dancer

What is Salsa? Salsa is a popular social dance throughout the Caribbean, Central America, South America as well as in North America (Principally Mexico), Europe, Australia, and some countries in Asia and the Middle East.

About Paula: Paula has already developed a strong following of clients in her pole dancing classes at Work It. She has always had a love for dance and movement and in college she was part of a Latin performing group called C.O.L.A.D.A.

Sleeping woman

Chinese girl with Hanfu clothing

Warm window light & good …reading book

photoshoot ideas for girls – splash .

Model : Erna

japanese cherry blossom tree

Model : Erna

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. ~ Henry Beecher,

Fashion photo shoot

Fashion photo shoot

White horse 🐎 wallpaper

Beautiful Arabian horse 🐎wallpaper

Tiger wallpaper

White lion wallpaper

Tiger 🐅 wallpaper

Tiger 🐅 wallpaper

Swan wallpaper

Swan wallpaper

Eagle wallpaper.


Model Pare Dvini

“Lighthouse Dawn” Point Betsie Lighthouse, Lake Michigan

Model Pare Dvini

Background , Wolf Caslte by Aurélien Villette

Model Pare Dvini

Background , ely cathedral architecture

Background ,: Staircase at Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Modern Architecture House

the photo was taken by Matthias Haker
Model layer Pare Dvini

Lapisan digunakan dalam pengeditan gambar digital untuk memisahkan berbagai elemen gambar. Lapisan dapat dibandingkan dengan transparansi efek pencitraan atau gambar yang diterapkan dan ditempatkan di atas atau di bawah gambar. Hari ini mereka merupakan fitur integral editor gambar. (Wikipedia)

processing by “PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser” App


model : Erna

White Dove

Lady in red – Fashion photography – Hrithik Roshan Sketch – Portrait by artistsvalley on DeviantArt

in the airplane


Fashion photography

Night city street Wallpaper, Desktop Wallpapers,

Night city street wallpaper

Morning city street

Layers were first commercially available in Fauve Matisse (later Macromedia xRes),[1][better source needed] and then available in Adobe Photoshop 3.0, in 1994, but today a wide range of other programs, such as Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Paint.NET, StylePix, and even batch processing and “PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser” App tools also include this feature. In vector images editors which support animation, layers are used to further enable manipulation along a common timeline for the animation; in SVG images, the equivalent to layers are “groups”. ( Wikipedia * Pare Dvini )

City at night

Amazingly Austere American Farmhouse By Phoebe Troyer Ideas

Edited in “PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Erase

Stump Light: A Cracked Log That Was Made Into A Lamp

Poster :Lullaby Girl by Aly Sedgwick

Green Mossy steps

Philadelphia At Night City Hall

Ladybug: “He loves me; he loves me not…” (Photo By: Siv Wester on 500px.)

Model : Erna

About the background ,The Eastern Bluebird, is a small thrush found in open woodlands, farmlands and orchards, and most recently can be spotted in suburban areas. Adult males are bright blue on top and have a reddish brown throat and breast. Adult females have lighter blue wings and tail, a brownish throat and breast and a grey crown and back. Eastern Blue birds are found east of the Rockies, southern Canada to the Gulf States and southeastern Arizona to Nicaragua.

Model : Pare Dvini

Background Alison Saar Sculpture, Madison Square Park,
through December 31st, 2011
Photo by Gwyneth Leech

Background by : Floyd Scholz, Master Carver,

Model : Pare Dvini

Background by
Ljiljana Stojadinović – PISMO ADAMU

The Soul Would Have No Rainbow, IF The Eyes Had No Tears

Song by Crywolf & Aylen – Silence, Pt. II ( Cover )

Tree sculpture


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