LAYER in Passions

I call this art “Layer in Passion” because, the background photo I want to use, sometimes I have to finish one photo over 8 hours, some in just 30 minutes. Layers look very easy for us to manipulate ….

Because the photo model I want to combine with the background looks out of sync and so stiff that I have to repeat it from scratch

hammock net over pool

In utter shock and disbelief I bend down and touch a finger to where dry dust had been only a moment ago.

Fantasy Swimming Pools

Simple, elegant, powerful.


Layer , Edited by  “PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser” ~ finishing that use reflections


Descanso, domingo

a dip in the sea


statue and water drops from fountain

Cupid Statue Fountain In The North Of Thailand

Breakaway by Charlie Bowater Prints available at Eyes On Walls

passion change everything

rode draad in je leven

Let’s imagine with Layers. Your artwork is your beautiful soul. The art of never sleeping is always open for you to create with beauty

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